An Innovative Idea of Matrices Problem Solver Using Image Processing

  • Ameer Hamza Sajjad
  • Muhammad Saqib
  • Sehrish Munawar Cheema
  • Taskeen Haider
  • Bushra Younas
Keywords: Android applications, OCR technology, Matrices problems, Computer assisted learning, Mathematics, Education


Math is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. Mathematical functions are used in software engineering, civil and mechanical engineering and in many other fields as well. A problem faced by the students is to derive the solution for a matrix problem using pen and paper-based approach that is time taking process, also for a solver to find an exact formula to solve specific matrix is problematic. Our major goal is to bridge the gap between traditional pen-based methods and technology by developing an android application solver using image processing for matrix problems. Matrix related operations like determinants, transpose, ad-joint, inverse, Cramer rule will be solved in step by step manner for user better understanding. While calculating determinants if matrices include any trigonometric terms as elements it will be solved by considering trigonometric formulas. User will scan the image of matrix problem statement holds matrices up to 10x10 dimensions. Matrix recognition is categorized into two classes i.e. computer printed matrix and hand written matrix. Our application will recognize only computer printed form. After getting the image from camera, OCR will get text from the image and our algorithm will solve the required problem and show the result to user in step by step manner. Our research work is a new dimension for using image processing to solve matrix problems.

How to Cite
Ameer Hamza Sajjad, Muhammad Saqib, Sehrish Munawar Cheema, Taskeen Haider, & Bushra Younas. (2020). An Innovative Idea of Matrices Problem Solver Using Image Processing. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(4), 207 - 216. Retrieved from

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