Analysis of Linear Generator for Marine Energy

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Aamir Hussain Memon
Farida Memon
N. Perumal


Linear Machines offer tremendous advantages over conventional rotating generators. This paper aims to present design and analysis of linear generator for marine energy conversion. Direct-drive linear generator is preferred as compared to conventional rotating generator, as it circumvents the mechanical interface which is the main and critical issue in the existing rotational mechanism. An iron-cored configuration is selected as it provides highest magnetic flux density and better electromagnetic characteristics. The finite element method is used to compute the electromagnetic performance of proposed machine and the main results such as inducedEMF, FLUXlinkage are provided

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Aamir Hussain Memon, Farida Memon, T.Ibrahim, & N. Perumal. (2020). Analysis of Linear Generator for Marine Energy. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(4), 268-272. Retrieved from