Role of IoT in protecting wearable gadgets

  • Sana Fatima NEDUET,Karachi
  • Laviza Falak Naz


Out of the most entrusted technological revolutions applied for the advancement of living standards and creation of a more convenient operation in the professional world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been progressing at the highest projected pace. The interconnectivity of gadgets and devices over the internet to produce smarter control, communication, and a swift and easy lifestyle makes it an amazing tech introduction. However, the IoT also brings along a huge flow of privacy and security concerns whilst considering the huge inflow of data breaches and cyberattacks in the network data. The advancements in the security protocols of the data thus bring along a mistrust among the users of IoT networks who might then no longer wish to be a part of this technological revolution. Therefore, it is important to maintain security assurance in the IoT based connection networks of wearable gadgets. This paper discusses the symmetric and asymmetric approaches of encryption over IoT which can help protect the network of smartphones connected to the wearable to assure a safe and smart data commute and avoid access to private data over the same internet connection.

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