Balochi Speech Recognition using Android Based Smart Phone

  • Abida Shar
  • Asia Khatoon Soomro
  • Hira Fatima Naqvi
  • Fida Hussain Khoso
  • Maryam Hameed
  • Dil Nawaz Hakro IICT, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
Keywords: Balochi Language, Speech Recognition, Android, React Native,


The latest era of computers is called the Artificial Intelligence where multiple intelligent machines are working to ease the life of a common people. Interacting with machines via human language is one of the hot areas called Natural Language Processing (NLP). The various language speech recognition systems are already built and there is a need to build the speech recognition system for languages which are lacking in various computing resources. Balochi language is one of the Pakistani languages which lacks computing resources such as automatic speech recognition system. This paper presents the Balochi Speech Recognition system in which the Android mobile phone is controlled by speaking Balochi words. The Balochi speech recognition system calls or opens the various installed applications when the user speaks in Balochi language. For the sampling purpose a total of 230 subjects were selected to record the samples of 2300 words. These words have been recorded in various environments including silent and noisy environment. The android platform-based Balochi speech recognition system has been designed which takes input from Balochi speakers in Balochi language and performs some activities based on the proposed model. The Android application is designed to understand Balochi words. The system has been build using React Native technology. The Balochi speech recognition system has been tested for various Balochi words and produced an average accuracy of 89% and 81% for native and non-native speakers of Balochi language. The system is capable to be extended in various directions and to be applied in multiple area-based applications. Users who speak Balochi language will benefit from this Android application, which makes it easier to use smartphones using local language rather than having to speak English.

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Shar, A., Soomro, A. K., Hira Fatima Naqvi, Fida Hussain Khoso, Maryam Hameed, & Hakro, D. N. (2022). Balochi Speech Recognition using Android Based Smart Phone . University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 5(4), 208-212. Retrieved from