Process Mining Approach Towards Optimization of ERP Business Processes: A Case Study of Healthcare

  • Ayesha Rashid
  • Naveed Anwer Butt
  • Nauman Riaz Choudhary
  • Reema Choudhary
  • Huma Jabeen
Keywords: Process Mining, Conformance, ERP systems, Data Mining


Today enterprises are growing in size supporting globally distributed and vigorous businesses involving a huge number of events. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have a particular way of recording activities in the form of event logs. Organizations having ERP systems apply process mining techniques to extract information from event logs and analyze the actual business processes underlying the organizations. In this paper, we have focused over one of the process mining application features i.e. discovery of process model with control flow perspective. Acase study of a Pakistani Enterprise has been used to analyze the results of three applied discovery algorithms; Alpha Miner, Fuzzy Model, and Heuristic Miner. After being applied these three discovery algorithms has determined the most frequent behaviors underlying the complaint monitoring process. It is observed that for ideal process model discovery, preprocessing is the most essential and preliminary phase. The results of process mining techniques have been analyzed and visualized by using ProM framework and DISCO tool.

Process Mining Approach Towards Optimization of ERP
How to Cite
Ayesha Rashid, Naveed Anwer Butt, Nauman Riaz Choudhary, Reema Choudhary, & Huma Jabeen. (2019). Process Mining Approach Towards Optimization of ERP Business Processes: A Case Study of Healthcare . University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 3(1), 7-16. Retrieved from

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