Big Data, Cloud, 5G Networks Create Smart and Intelligent World: A Survey

  • Imran Memon
  • Hadiqua fazal
  • Riaz ahmed Shaikh
  • Ghulam Muhammad
  • Qasim Ali arain
  • Tarwan Kumar Khatri
Keywords: Big data, 5G network, Cloud Computing


Big Data is a term most commonly used to define data bigger than what we normally deal with. It can be defined as data which is too large and complex for standard computer hardware to deal with and requires much more space and processing power, something that personal computers and even some supercomputers don’t. For this purpose we use Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a very powerful technology that is used mostly to solve complex problems and provide the required space for the task at hand. It also helps us by allotting us a separate online space that saves us a lot of money by stopping us from buying expensive hardware to increase memory storage. Ever since the introduction of cloud computing, big data in 5G and its uses have sky rocketed. Tending to enormous information is a testing and time-requesting errand that requires an extensive computational foundation to guarantee effective information handling and examination. Cloud computing is an incredible innovation to perform gigantic scale and complex figuring. It kills the need to keep up costly figuring equipment, committed space, and programming. The 4V’s of big data – volume, velocity, variety and veracity makes the data management and analytics challenging for the traditional data warehouses. Cloud computing is by all accounts an ideal vehicle for facilitating big data tasks at hand in 5G. Nonetheless, dealing with big data in the cloud brings its very own test of accommodating two opposing structure standards. Cloud computing depends on the ideas of solidification and asset pooling, yet big data frameworks, (for example, Hadoop) are based on the shared nothing standard, where every hub is independent

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Imran Memon, Hadiqua fazal, Riaz ahmed Shaikh, Ghulam Muhammad, Qasim Ali arain, & Tarwan Kumar Khatri. (2019). Big Data, Cloud, 5G Networks Create Smart and Intelligent World: A Survey. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 3(4), 185-192. Retrieved from

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