Call for Papers


Asia Pacific, Research Journal of Area Study Centre, Far East & South East Asia is HEC recognised, peer-reviewed and annually published journal in the field of social sciences. The prime purpose of bringing out this journal is to provide a forum to researchers, scholars and academicians interested/engaged in interdisciplinary research on cultural, ethnic, linguistic, political, economic, security, trade and business aspects of the Far East & Southeast Asian region.

Asia Pacific welcomes original research papers in above-mentioned areas of the Far East & Southeast Asian region. The Asia Pacific Research Journal follows the blind-reviewing policy.  Interested researchers, scholars and academicians engaged in the study of Far East & Southeast Asia should submit their manuscripts  (as an attachment in MS Word) through Online  Journal System (OJS) before September 30, 2020. Here is the web-link for registration and submission:

Authors are requested to submit copy of the manuscript along with cover sheet, which shows the title of the study, the authors’ name, the institutional affiliation and address and email of the corresponding author. The author’s name and affiliation should not be mentioned on the first page of the research paper. All parts of the manuscript should be formatted and referenced according to the guidelines provided in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (6th Edition). Visit the gien weblink for guidelines:


Dr. Mukesh Kumar Khatwani


[email protected]