A full double-blind peer review process is used that comprises the following steps:

All submitted papers are first examined by the Editor of the journal for the initial review. The editor may assign an Assistant/Associate Editors to review the quality and scope of the submitted manuscript. Editors/associate editors make sure that the submitted manuscript is as per the mentioned instructions for the author and meets the objectives and scope of the journal. In case the submitted manuscript does not meet the journal criteria, the paper is rejected and the author (s) are notified via email.

In case the manuscript meets the set criteria, then the editor or associate/assistant editors send the article for the further double-blind review process. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least 01 National and 01 International reviewers with a double-blind, peer review policy of the journal.

The reviewers' recommendations determine whether a manuscript is accepted/accepted subject to revisions/ resubmission for review after significant revisions/submission rejected.

Authors are notified about the expert opinion and recommendations of reviewers and they are asked for a revised draft of the manuscript with all incorporations/modifications and omissions as suggested by the reviewers.

For the papers which require only revisions, the Associate or Technical editor will re-review the paper for ensuring that the reviewer’s suggestions have been incorporated or not.

Papers that require resubmission for review, will undergo the Second Round of review by the same or different reviewers to ensure that the quality of the revised paper is acceptable.

After final Acceptance, the Author/Corresponding author will be notified and the paper will be forwarded to the editor for copy-editing, layout editing, and proofreading.