Strategic Triangle: China-India and Pakistan

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Saadat Hassan
Imran Ali Noonari


As we know that in the region of Asia there is an on-going structural change that is reshaping the countries that are China-India-Pakistan. The two economic giants India and China are expanding economically and diplomatically on the Asian stage creating ample of threats and opportunities for Pakistan as well. In all this Pakistan is the one that borders among the two giants and has to think more in strategic terms either should ally completely with India or completely with China or to ally with both of them. The two rising powers are reshaping the global system structure as well and will play an important roles on the stage of new world. Their gradual rise will also profoundly influence the global economy system. Pakistan is facing stark reality standing at the face of globalization as well. In order to embrace the benefits or to alleviate the perils of globalization, Pakistan needs to take a strategic repositioning of in various fields. In these strategic options for Pakistan is an independent variable and rising powers India and China are dependent variable. It also highlights China’s growing inter-dependence and likely future satisfaction. After the analysis of data it is concluded that this rise sparks the reality, what will be the future intentions of rising powers India and China? What conditions will it create for Pakistan in the near future as both the rising giants are learning to work together so some of the precautions should be taken by Pakistan in order to have place along with these emerging Asian Powers. China and India are in a position that China have more chance to win over India as strategic partner as opposed to a strategic ally like Pakistan. Some further recommendations are also jotted down at the end of the paper.

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