Community Policing of Japan and Pakistan: Key Insights and Inter-Linkages

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Nabi Bux Narejo
Tahzeebul Hassan


The study focuses primarily on understanding the Koban Community Policing of Japan. Secondarily, the insights and lesions are being drawn from the Japanese model for Community Policing in Pakistan. Community Policing as an idea and reality are highly attractive besides its implementation which must focus police culture and cater community nature and needs. Although insights could be valuable but the implementation requires indigenous approaches. Community Policing could be highly successful if its basic elements, community participation and problem-solving are best engaged. The understanding and replication of Koban system in Pakistan would deliver positive outcomes. Community Policing in Pakistan has not been formally launched as a popular strategy of policing. However, there is increasing demand from educated community, criminologists and enlightened citizens to start policecommunity participation programs and projects. The experiments in Gujranwala, Pareetabad and others at informal level have been very positive and result-oriented. The Government must legislate on the issue of Community Policing keeping in view its need for solving problems of crime, social conflicts, violence and disorder.

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