Pakistan-China Relations in 21st Century

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Ghulam Murtaza Khoso
Abdul Latif Tunio


The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States have changed the intercourse of international relations, and the US strategy of ousting Taliban with Pakistan’s help has also introduced changes in South Asian region. Pakistan joined American hands in the war against terrorism, therefore became one of the frontline allies of the United States in combating terrorism. With this changing regional scenario how China and Pakistan resettled their bilateral relationship? Are the two states still very close allies? That is what I have tried to answer in my paper. Pakistan and China relationship is considered as one of the strongest in the world. The relationship that often called ‘deeper than the oceans, higher than the mountains’.1 In April 2005 in a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Khurshed Kasuri the Chinese foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said, “The only country in the world with which we describe our relationship as all weather friendship is Pakistan”

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