Look East Policy of India & Pakistan: A Comparative Overview

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Ronaque Ali Behan


Influenced by the developments after the end of cold war, various countries had to reorient their foreign policies throughout the world to adjust them into the new world order. Similarly, India, who has been associated with the former Soviet Union and other western countries for all types of interaction, also paid attention to the countries of Asia Pacific. India developed its ‘Look East Policy’ in the early 1990s to meet its multidimensional policy objectives. On the other hand, Pakistan developed its policy, ‘Strategic Vision East Asia’ in 2003. India was almost a decade ahead to Pakistan in its policy of looking east. No wonder, taking advantages of its early initiative India has achieved maximum goals of its look east policy. Unlike India, Pakistan is still in its infancy stage of stabilizing ties with the countries of this region. This article aims to make comparative view of the look east policy of both the countries. In introductory paragraph push & pull factors for both countries will be discussed. In proceeding paragraphs their initiatives and achievements will be discussed. Before conclusion, an attempt will be made to suggest some policy recommendations for Pakistan.

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