Future Prospects of Indonesia China Relations

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Majid Ali Noonari


Indonesia and China share friendly relations since 9/11, 2001 although Indonesia remained the long time ally of the US and since the US policy of Rapprochement towards China the Republic of Indonesia has developed its relations. The relations became stronger at the end of the Cold War Era when the China formed the official ties with ASEAN in 1991, and later in the 1997 financial Crisis which has badly hit the Indonesian economy Chinese supported them with open arms. But the situations became totally favorable after 9/11 when the Indonesians were compelled to search a balancer against the United States policies due to the fact that they were put under pressure by the US to do more to fight against the terrorism and Indonesian government is although became successful but they still felt the pressure to follow the US directions in this regard and since the relations between China and Indonesia were friendly and they formed strategic partnership which had huge impact over the East Asia as it limits the US influence against China in the region and on the other hand Japan would be isolated with the help of Indonesia in any future conflict

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