Political Crisis Put to Test Credibility of ASEAN

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Hidayat Ali Soomro


ASEAN is widely applauded for its commendable performance of last forty years. Keeping in view the successful integration of ASEAN countries it is recognized as one of the best examples of regionalism. In its life of more than 40 years it has achieved unprecedented progress in assimilating its member states to get their concerted cooperation in various areas. However, despite tremendous performance for last forty years in the socio-economic and cultural fields it has failed to address problems of human rights violations in its member countries. Moreover, political disputes among its member countries also continue to challenge the credibility of this otherwise successful organization. The failure of ASEAN to address the issue of violation of human rights in Myanmar is the major issue that is inviting major criticism from the rest of the world. Recent political crises in Thailand also exposed the vulnerabilities of ASEAN because due to these crises the scheduled ASEAN summit in Thailand at Pattaya had to be cancelled. So, these types of issues have put to test the true mettle of ASEAN to deal with them. This article aims to define establishment of the Association of Southeast Asian States and to highlight its performance since its birth. Keeping in view the contentious political disputes among its members and issues of human rights violations in its member countries the article will also discuss the future of this organization.

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