Pakistan Myanmar, Economic, Trade and Politico Relations

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Altaf Hussain Ansari
Shafi Muhammad Shaikh


This research paper is written with a purpose to analyze the position of Pakistan-Myanmar; it is clear from the official documents of both the countries that there was a 8.5% growth in Pakistan and 12.2% growth in the Myanmar’s economy in 2006 but international sources say differently; they forecast a slim growth of 2 to 3% increase. Production and exploration in the oil and gas sector is active, but the rest of the economy remains weak in Myanmar. Agriculture of both countries suffers from the poor productivity, with an output below their potentials. Manufacturing is constrained by inadequate quantity and quality of inputs, due to problems of power shortages in both the countries. Weak Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth reflects poor prospects for consumption and investment. This paper starts with the introduction and the organization of the paper is as follows; section 2 has analyzed Neighboring Countries of Myanmar and Pakistan. Section 3 shows Population of Pakistan and Myanmar. Sections 4 and 5 indicate the Research Methodology and Review of Literature, section 6 shows Pakistan Myanmar Economic and Political Relations, section-7 shows more visits of the officials of both the countries. Section 8 explains Trade with ACU. Section 9 describes Myanmar Trade with ACU countries. Section 10 investigates the economy of Myanmar. Section 11 mentions Pakistan as a Major Export and Major Trade Partner of Myanmar and finally section 12 draws conclusions/suggestions.

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