Application of NIE Approach in Examining Accessibility and Efficiency of Formal and Informal Credit Institutes in Sindh

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Parvez A Patahn
Parveen Shah
Ghulam Ali Jariko


eNew Institutional Economics (NIE) introduces analytical concept of identifying and examining constraints that underpin efficiency of institutes in terms of price of commodity and delivery of services rendered by them. NIE evolves around transaction costs; and relates linkages between the performances of institutes resulting from imperfect market information. Agricultural credit both formal and informal (i.e., public and private) lending institutes in Pakistan are subject to inefficiencies in terms accessibility to farmers especially the small ones; and kickbacks. Using probability sampling methods both formal and informal credit lending institutes were selected to assess their effectiveness in reaching among the poorest of the poor in the province of Sindh. The paper uses regression analysis to draw valid statistical generalizations for policy conclusions and recommendations.

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