Taiwan Issue in the Sino-U.S. Relations

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Ghulam Murtaza Khoso


US.-China relations are arguably the most important and consequential bilateral ties in the twenty-first century. The United States of America and China have many areas of disagreement. Among all those, the confrontation over Taiwan has the potential to bring the two powers into actual military conflict. The continuous U.S. arms sales, to Taiwan, and Chinese deployment of weaponry in the Taiwan Strait increase tensions in the bilateral relationship. The U.S. considers emerging China as a threat to the current international as well as regional power status quo, therefore, trying to contain Chinese expanding power encircling it, maintaining military alliances, and keeping Taiwan away from the mainland. China on the other hand sees U.S. support and weapons sales to Taiwan as a threat to its territorial integrity. Miscalculations by either side may trigger a major military clash.

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