A Sociological Assessment of Globalization’s Socio-Cultural Impacts on ASEAN Countries.

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Ahmed Ali Brohi
Mukesh Kumar Khatwani


In this paper the center of attention has been made on a number of constituent parts fundamental to Globalization, and cultural changes across the globe in general and ASEAN countries in particular. Analysis has begun with introduction and definition of Globalization and social transformation, their relationship and impact on inequality and sociocultural development. Next step has been taken forward to the discussion of sources, history and institutions of globalization and theories of development and underdevelopment. Finally, in this paper sociological approaches at their good effect are used to analysis and get insight into gender inequality and changing socio-cultural patterns in ASEAN countries. In simple this paper will review the gender inequality as the consequence of socialization process, and globalization with special reference to ASEAN countries. Then the paper will also discuss both bright and dark sides of the cultural development in ASEAN member countries.

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