Pakistan–Thailand: Economic, and Trade Relations

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Muhammad Ayub Shaikh
Jamila Jarwar


The research paper entitled “Pakistan –Thailand: Economic and trade Relations” is written with the purpose to see economic and trade relations of both the countries from very beginning and their tourism sector, agriculture sector and natural resources, Thailand’s tourism sector is already developed and its income is much better as compared to Pakistan. At this time Pakistan faces the problems of terrorism, law and order situation, corruption, and load-shedding in this regard present government of PPP is taking efforts to come out from all the mentioned problems, and moves to wards the miracle of Thailand. The following are the main sections of the study: Section 1 starts with introduction, section 2 explains trade agreements of Pak-Thailand. Section 3 points out the back ground of Pak-Thailand relations, section 4 describes tourism sector, section 5 discusses agriculture sector in Thailand and Pakistan, Section 6 Describes natural resources of Pak-Thailand, Section 7 Pakistan and Thailand trade relations, finally Section 8 shows conclusions and suggestions.

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