Chinese Pre-emptive Counter-Containment Strategy

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Saadat Hassan


The only other possible U.S. strategy toward China is containment. Containment refers to the US foreign policy in the early years of cold war, in the response of USSR’s growing influence in the region. Now Containment of China has become the United States long-term strategy. China is emerging as East Asia’s regional hegemon. Growing economic, technological, and military power enables it to increase its influence over other nations in the region and the world. China’s threat to U.S. interests in the region is increasing as it modernizes its military and its economy continues to grow while the national values and interests of the United States are translated into three grand strategic objectives: preserve American security, bolster American economic prosperity, and promote American values. The U.S. views the China as an economic competitor and potential military adversary, while China’s motivation is identified as the plan to deny the US the ability to contain it. This may be described as the pre-emptive counter-containment strategy.

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