Urban Working Women’s Concerns in Contemporary China

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Mukesh Kumar Khatwani


Women in general and working women in particular are living under heavy pressures in-home as well out-home because of changes in their traditional roles in China. The traditional extended family structure has further added more to the concerns and apprehensions of working women. Confucianism has also played very significant role in development of submissive and sub-ordinate characteristics in women’s personality in China. Though Cultural Revolution (1967-77), economic reforms, industrialization and pro-women legislations and policies have encouraged women to participate in labour force, but they are not still enjoying equal rights and benefits what they should have. This paper puts light on the shifting roles of women from house chores to paid job both public and private sector; and what are their concerns and apprehensions regarding their work nature, what types of problems they face. Through this paper it has also been tried to find out the relation between gender role sensitization theory and working women. Why women workers are paid less than that of men workers? Why women employees are given lower ranks? Is this all because of women’s inefficiency, less educated, unskilled or the social environment and social structure in which women are brought up? This paper also overviews the legislation and policies for promotion of women’s equal rights, equal opportunities and gender equality. Finally the paper also suggests some recommendations to overcome the working women’s concerns and promotion of their equal rights and interests in the Chinese Society.

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