Pakistan – Singapore Relations: An Overview

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Ronaque Ali Behan


Pakistan enjoys brotherly relations with countries of Southeast Asia. Similarly Pakistan also enjoys normal relations with Singapore but the fact is that despite its brotherly relations with the countries of this region, Pakistan has not gained any fruitful benefits. Rather, practically Pakistan relied on other countries of the world than the countries of this region for its economic and security objectives. As a result of Pakistan’s over reliance on those countries Pakistan could not maintain warmth in her relations with Southeast Asian countries except few countries of this region. Though Pakistan maintains relations with all the countries of this region but as compared to western countries they lack warmness .However, it cannot be said that their relations are not cordial. The nature of Pakistan and Singapore relations was also same but some changes in international system brought out by forces of globalization have compelled both of the countries to redefine their relations, therefore, over the last few years Pakistan and Singapore have tried to maintain solid relations. So, this article aims to define relations between Pakistan and Singapore.. The article starts with the history of Pakistan Singapore relations. Then, in subsequent paragraphs political, economic, trade, and security relations between the two countries will be discussed. Then the proceeding paragraphs will discuss possible fruitful outcome of maintaining warm relations with Singapore. In conclusion, keeping in view the importance of Southeast Asian states in general and Singapore in particular and also Pakistan’s “look east policy”, this article endorses the need to cement close and tight relations with Singapore.

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