Strategic and Security Challenges in Asia for the Rise of China

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Imran Ali Noonari


China is considered as a regional and global power and its rise in the region of Asia is one of the opportunities for the states of Asia rather than a threat. Despite of that notion China has been facing certain security challenges in the East Asia and South Asia just because of regional security dilemmas and US involvement. Nowhere, within South East Asia, China’s more active diplomacy is reflected stronger security tie. As a whole, the South East Asian states have received Chinese activism with eagerness. In Asia, the security realm, China’s role, while rhetorically appealing to regional actors has yet to make significant inroads in a regional security relationship. The plan of US to contain China through India and some East Asian states pose further security and strategic challenges for China. After 9/11 with the pretext of so called “War on Terror” US has reentered in the East Asia and South Asia in order to contain the rise of China.

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