Pakistan – Vietnam Political, Economic and Trade Relations

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Altaf Hussain Ansari


This research article entitled “Pakistan _ Vietnam Political, Economic and Trade Relations” is written with the purpose to see the political, economic and trade relations in between the two countries. Pakistan and Vietnam have been relatively at low level and inconsistent, with the result that sustainable trade has not been able to grow over time. Pakistan’s trade was strongly western oriented; while it did not have comparable market access vis-à-vis South East Asian countries. In this regard, the data is collected from various secondary and tertiary sources. This research article is structured with eight sections. The first section is initiated with the introduction, the second mentions the political relations, the third section states economic relations, the fourth elaborates the need for potentiality in Pak-Vietnam trade, the fifth explores Pakistan–Vietnam balance of trade, the sixth describes import by Pakistan, the seventh shows overview of Vietnam and Pakistan and the finally it ends with the eighth section which demonstrates the conclusion and suggestions.

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