Involvement of Military in Indonesian Politics

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Naureen Nazar Soomro


The Indonesian military’s involvement in socio-political and economic sectors of the country is clearly enshrined in country’s doctrine and ideology. Unlike other nations of the world whose military is handed over the only responsibility of guarding the borders, Indonesian military is given additional responsibility of serving the nation by guarding and managing socio-political affairs along with the protection of borders. After some reforms the military’s role in socio-political and economic sectors were made limited but still Indonesian military plays a significant role of maintaining the peace within the country and defending the borders against any external threat. Although Indonesian military is legally and ideologically bound to carry out political responsibilities, many officers use their positions in advancements of their political and economic interests. In order to be true democratic, it is necessary for the military to adopt professionalism and confine itself to the external defense of the country.

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