China’s South Asian Curiosities and Strategies

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Ishrat Afshan Abbasi


the aim of this article is to demonstrate the China's strategic, economic and political interests in South Asia linked to its global policies. The article first looks at the swift emergence of China as a global power, besides it highlights its current worldwide targets in various social spheres. Then, it presents the political and economic scenario of South Asia so as to ascertain the current state of order within the region to account for the proper standing of China. The core of this article is version of growing importance of South Asian periphery for the accomplishment of China’s security objectives. Certain positive impacts of the inclusion of China in the SAARC for furtherance of mutual cordiality have also been revealed in this paper. In pursuance of the achievement of the most crucial interests in South Asia, China has sought some significant strategies, which are featured here. The article concludes by noting that for peaceful co-existence with South Asian states in order to achieve its world-reaching interests as well as the united Asia as a world power, China needs unconditional cooperation of India.

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