Specific Economic Highlights of Myanmar

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Deedar Hussain Shah


Myanmar has been struggling hard to cross the various stages of economic development and achieve the position of self-sustained growth. Democracy versus junta have always been found at crossroads against each other. Such contradictions and confrontations always hamper the swift developing process of Suvanna Bhumi – the gold land Earth. The objectives of prosperity in golden land of unity and amenity in its seven divisions and 65 districts are yet to be achieved. Its geographical conditions, natural resources, manpower quality and skill, technical know-how, investment and financial potentialities are partially mobilized and require to be geared in extensively with a dynamic approach, to transform the agro-based primary sector economy into secondary and then move to tertiary stage. The purpose of the study is to find out the possibility of economic viability and succeeding survival of Myanmar. This may result to bring more welfare and well being for the common man, needy and destitute. Its rapid economic development is yet to be pushed and placed on selfpropelled mode of tremendous achievement and prosperity. This may enhance the living standard and promote egalitarianism in Myanmar, and to gain the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation. This may relieve the economy from the constraints of stagnating exports and burgeoning imports, a necessary requirement for the position of surplus balance of payments.

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