Japan – Korean Peninsula: Human Security Issues

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Lutfullah Mangi


This research article deals with non-traditional security issues, also known as human security, in general and towards the Korean Peninsula and Japan, in particular. It is not possible that security be viewed in military terms alone. World faces the challenge of tackling non-military threats such as, growing food and water scarcity, environmental degradation, growing population, HIV, AID, Malaria etc. These issues have to be tackled through a cooperative approach. Japan is one of the leading advocates of the concept of human security in the world. Japan provides official development assistance to developing countries for human security – related issues. On the Korean Peninsula, North Korea faces a number of human security issues, such as food and energy scarcity, violation of human rights, environmental degradation etc. on the other hand, South Korea is facing different types of human security – related issues such as rural – urban migration and drug trafficking. In addition to non-traditional security issues traditional security still remains the main concern on the Peninsula.

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