Pakistan-Brunei Darussalam: Economic and Trade Relations

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Muhammad Ayoob Shaikh


The research article entitled “Pakistan Brunei Darussalam to Boost Economic and Trade Relations” is written with the purpose to examine the position of Pakistan – Brunei Darussalam economic and trade relations. Pakistan and Brunei Darussalam have little two-way trade despite good trade relations and there is a need to take measures to enhance it and is a high time for joint business ventures as the business community in Brunei Darussalam is highly impressed with Pakistan’s growth rate. The exchange of trade delegations between the two countries would help boost the volume of bilateral trade. Both the countries were members of the Organization of Islamic Conference. There is a lot of scope for Brunei to make investment in Pakistan. Brunei can make direct investment in Pakistani infrastructures, banking, insurance, oil & gas, IT, textile, automobiles, construction and hotel industries, etc and can also enter into joint ventures with Pakistani counter parts.

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