Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

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Aman Memon


A qualitative change has been observed in the world power structure after the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. In consequence of these changes a paradigm shift has been witnessed in the foreign policy determinants of the nation states including China. Believing in Panchsheelthe five principles of peaceful coexistenceas the guiding principle of the foreign policy behaviour, China has not only refused to accept U.S. dominated world order and began striving for the emergence of polycentric world order. In order to achieve these objectives, the Chinese policy-makers initiated the process of confidence building with its neighbouring countries particularly the Central Asian states and Russia by resolving border disputes. These confidence building measures created conducive atmosphere for the creation of regional cooperation to check American and Western influence in the region. The emergence of Shanghai Co-operation Organisation is the manifestation of such moves. This organisation is not only meant to boost cooperation between the member countries in fields of politics, trade-economics, culture, education, energy, transportation, ecology, science and technology but also destined to fight against separatism and extremism, and ensure security and stability in the region

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