Sino-Indian Relations: Looking Forward

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Ghulam Ali


Sino-Indian relations have experienced profound upheavals over the past five decades ranging from friendly relations during the 1950s, hypertension in the 1960s and 1970s, process of rapprochement in the 1980s and readjustment in the 1990s2. Since then their relations have been improving except for a short period of time when in May 1998 India conducted its nuclear tests and justified that explosions were conducted motivated by nuclear threat from China. But soon New Delhi realized that this lame excuse was unconvincing for both China and the international community. It picked up the threat it had left and again their relations started to improve. This paper studies Sino-Indian relations focusing on Vajpayee's visit to China in June 2003 and the following events, since the visit proved a turning point in their relations in the new millennium. To fully comprehend the dynamics of such developments, it is necessary to study them from the origin. Thus a very brief historical background is given

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