APEC - American Collaboration Evaluating Policies and Achievements

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Deedar Hussain Shah


Economic, Commercial and Trade relations in the world have gained significant position, since mercantile policies reigning under the traditions and practices of mercantilism. In the present day times it is also being used as a strategic instrument and weapon to achieve the obligation of policies designed by the developed world. War, armed conflicts and weaponry engagements may be considered the techniques of cold war era. Now the' economic weapon and hammer is being practiced as a solid wheel to subjugate the different dominions of the world. Realizing the importance and feeling the pulse beating in the understandable direction, each and every nation, individually, as veil as, collectively is putting its efforts to find its participatory position in the world of economic behaviour and activity. This may help to gain the stressing status in the new set up of economic reign, might and power, for self-benefit and global movement of economy.

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