Japanese Management Practices: A Lesson for Pakistan

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Muhammad Bux Burdi


We are witness to a time when the IT revolution during the better part of the last millennium has completely transformed and revolutionized the world, and compels us to 'rethink' and 'reinvent' a whole way of life. From development to governance, from globalization to ecosystems, from policy to management, etc., etc. a reawakening is taking place all over the world to be at the competitive edge of all things that are yet to come and yet to affect the society in which we live. The vision to see Pakistan as the 'Asian Tiger' of the 21st Century is yet to materialize. Perhaps our management practices are not consistent and streamlined with a proper focus. It is with this purpose in mind that the author of this paper has reopened Japanese management practices to determine what lessons can be learned by Pakistan in the Asian context

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