Free Trade VS Protectionism: Us Politico - Economic Policy for Asia Pacific During 1980s

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Raza Hussain Ghaloo


After the end of Vietnam War in 1975 the Asian's moved towards political stability and struggled for high economic growth rate. On the other side United States and Europe combat to achieve high interest rates, control rising unemployment and falling investment. Whereas, the countries of East Asia and South Asia were achieving economic success, which can be compared in many ways such as high economic growth rate and political stability. Gradually that period came to an end. The booming economics of Asia slowed down rather came to halt. The reason was mounting political problems, which haunted the stability the Asians enjoyed over the past decades. The US markets achieved the importance; the dollar added the attraction for investors. On the other European markets slow pace and Latin American markets coming under depression with favoured the US to maintain its monopoly.

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