Impact of Technology on the Security of States: A Case Study of China

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Ronaque Ali Behan
Dr Naureen Nazar Soomro
Dr Ali Gul Khushk


Advancement in information and communication technology has brought a revolutionary change around the world. The impact of technology has left tremendous impact on every aspect of life in multiple ways. It has become integral part of all types of interactions. Similarly, relations among the states and their affairs have also been shaped and influenced by the impact of technology. It has also posed challenges to the security of states. Hither to, states relied on the traditional forces/weapons for maintaining their defence. Now, no state can afford to rely on the old methods of defence. Thus, in order to cope with the emerging security challenges posed by the technological implications, States have modernised their militaries resulting in arms race, military build-ups, with consequent impact on their economies. China is one of those states, which has been affected by the arms race among the major powers. Consequently, China had no option but to modernise its weapons and military, and divert significant amount of its annual budget to the defence and research and development. This paper discusses the impact of technology on the relations of states in general and the resultant security challenges that technology has created for China in particular. The paper also discusses the future of China under the influence of technology. Before conclusion, paper suggests some measures to address the security challenges posed to the Chinese Security brought out by technology.

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