Non-traditional Security Diplomacy between China and India

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Dr Imran Ali Sandano
Dr Yu Xiaofeng
Dr Imtiaz Ahmed Pirzada


Non-traditional security diplomacy has opened a new debate in international relations. In recent years, scholars have increasingly focused on emerging non-traditional security issues such as transnational crime, public health epidemics, climate change, natural disasters, and natural resource security. These challenges in particular threaten the regional stability of South and East Asia. This paper aims to contribute to understanding the relations between two competing neighbours, China and India and their multilateral non-traditional security cooperation. Traditionally, Sino-India relations have been characterized by long standing border disputes. This paper therefore seeks to clarify the connection between issues of traditional and non-traditional security within Sino-India relations, and evaluates ways in which both sides can collaborate across non-traditional security issues. We argue that non-traditional security offers practical options for enhancing peaceful bilateral relations.

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