U.S. Chinese Relations in Jeopardy after Tiananmen Incident and Human Rights Issue

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Azra Sarwar Kandhir


The Sino-American relations got a great set back after the incident of Tiananamen square on June 14th 1989 and the violation of human rights since world war-ll which has been viewed as a matter of great concern for the entire international community and have been more voiced by human rights groups and the International mass media. The United States reaction was difficult to justify because of its consistency has not been hall mark of the American Policy on the human rights. American Government have turned a blind eye on human rights violation of its dependable allies as their were no ruffled feelings in Washington against Chiang Kai-Shek of Taiwan, Fardiand Marcos of Philippines an Shah of Iran who were busy slaughtering their own people, even the bloody separation of the Palestinian struggle is not considered a seems matter to justify the imposition of sections against the perpetrator Israel.

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