Online News Media Consumption in Malaysia and Pakistan Through the lenses of Uses and Gratification Theory

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Muhammad Ramzan Pahore
Sumera Memon
Dr Muhammad Shahzad


Media Ecosystem is shifting vehemently across the globe, and the internet is the primary changing agent. The prime objective of this study is to know the relevance of Uses and Gratification Theory (UGT) assumption in online news media consumption. However, online news media and newspaper consumption is very recent phenomenon in Malaysia and Pakistan. This theory has been used in conventional media consumption in different parts of the world. This paper reviewed the past research studies related to online news consumption and highlighted status of online newspapers and news consumption in both Asian countries. Findings of the study affirmed that active audience is related to online news consumption. Hence, theoretically this study contributed to the literature of uses and gratification theory in the field of online news media consumption.

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