Forestry Reflections in the National Economy of Japan.

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Deedar Hussain Shah
Altaf Hussain Ansari


Historically, it may be mentioned, that in Japan, the forests were owned by feudal domains, temples and shrines. These were transferred to Meiji government in 1871. Since then the process of development of forestry started in Japan. District forest office system was formulated from 1886 A.D. The crown forest, the imperial forest and natural forest were merged into one single aspect known as national forest. Since 1960, the graph of die usage of saw-timber including pulp, paper and construction has shown upward trend by 34% while in fuel wood it is in the downward trend, for, consumption patterns and trends in the means of fuel visage have been changed and diversified. The growing demand of forest made goods are being met with the imports from abroad, as the local supplies are unable to cope with it.

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