Factors Influencing International Students in Selection of Country for Higher Education: A Case Study of Thailand

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Sanaullah Baloch
Sanober Salman Shaikh
Shakeela Shah


The paper aims to examine the factors, which influence the decision of international students regarding the selection of a host country for higher education. Push-pull model has been used to examine the relationship between country-based pull factors and students’ decision to study abroad. Additionally, this study also investigates the influence of push-pull factors on students’ satisfaction over the decision of foreign study. Research participants were international students from five universities in Thailand. Using the quantitative research method, online questionnaires were distributed through email and social media and personal visits were also made by authors. The findings suggest that country-based three pull factors (awareness of host country, cost issue, and environment of host country) showed a significant relationship with students’ decision-making to study abroad. Conversely, results also show that pull factors influence students’ satisfaction over the decision to study abroad. Keywords:

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