Asian Security: U.S. - China Diplomacy over Taiwan Issue

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Raza Hussain Ghaloo


he Chinese People's Liberation Army had launched an unarmed M-9 missile test in the waters of Taiwan on 8th March 1996, China ran two sets of missile tests in the Taiwan straits in 1995, shortly after Taiwan president Lee Teng-hui's visit to the U.S.A. in June 1995. But this year's barrage was the closest ever to the island. The missile launchings were expected till March 15, 1996. The reasons behind this were two: first to let the world know that she is very serious about its long standing claim to Taiwan, by force if necessary. Second China also wanted to point out Taiwanese to be careful before voting for 73 years old Lee for first-ever presidential elections on March 23, 1996

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