China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Opportunities and Challenges for Pakistan

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Muhammad Ramzan Kolachi
Ishrat Afshan Abbasi
Amir Jan


The article aims at exploring the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with reference to opportunities and challenges for Pakistan. CPEC was announced in April 2015 in order to improve the livelihood of the natives of Pakistan and China by building up an economic corridor, boosting up bilateral linkages, opening up new avenues for trade & investment, encouraging people-to-people relations and framing regional connectivity. Despite knowing the fact that CPEC is an expedient solution to Pakistan’s major economic troubles, this corridor is criticized nationally and internationally because of miscellaneous issues. In order to explore the expected chances and challenges, the paper attempts to address certain questions, for instances: What are the infrastructural benefits of CPEC for Pakistan? How CPEC can be beneficial for the energy sector of Pakistan? What chances it offers in the fields of science and technology? What will be the significant economic achievement of CPEC for Pakistan? What are major CPEC based national and international challenges to Pakistan and how Pakistan can counter them? Answers to these questions will help to understand the significance and achievements of CPEC for Pakistan.

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