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Muhammad Ahad Yar Khan
Fateh Muhammad Burfat
Tansif ur Rehman


The Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the consequent USSR-Afghan War provided an opportunity to Pakistan to counter the Indian and Russian influences in the country, and thus Pakistan tried to install a Pak-friendly regime in Afghanistan. Despite the war in Afghanistan was termed as a ‘holy’ war against the ‘Russian infidels’, it helped Pakistan to settle a score with the traditional Afghan regimes who raised the border issues with Pakistan. Thus, the decision of Pakistan to support Afghan Mujahideen was a strategic one, and it raised the status of Pakistan in the global world as a strong and strategic country that was equipped strategically to handle critical global issues capably. Throughout the Soviet-Afghan War, Pakistan fought a proxy war against the USSR by aiding the Afghan Mujahideen fighting against the Russian invaders. Being a close neighbour to Afghanistan, Pakistan’s sovereignty was at stake constantly as an independent country. Pakistan was thus successful in forcing the withdrawal of the so-called superpower from Afghanistan, keeping its sovereignty intact and restoring peace and stability in the region.

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