Critical Analysis of the Challenges and Issues of Islam in the Modern World

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Dr. Zain-ul-Abdin Sodhar
Dr. Abdul Ghani Shaikh
Khair-un-Nisa Sodhar


Islam being the universal religion of peace and prosperity is facing many challenges and issues both externally as well internally. In the globalization Islam has to face the challenges and resolve the issues like external pressure of western countries- calling Muslims as terrorists, inter-religious conflicts (sects), social issues, socio economic issues, political issues at local and international level and individual issues of Muslims relating to their career. Western countries through media trial and false propaganda have presented the negative picture of Islam all over the world and tried to prove Muslims as terrorists. Until and unless all the Muslims, all over the world, do not unite and face the western propaganda, the resolution of such issues will not be possible. The internal sectarian conflicts of Muslims have not only divided them but also weakened them to face the global challenges. As a result social and economical issues are being emerging making Muslims even weaker. Political disputes of Muslims and Muslim countries based on sectarian conflicts at national and internal level have added fuel into fire and made the Western propaganda against Islam even stronger. In the presence of such unfavorable conditions, Muslim individuals are seeking their career in modern science and technology and paying more attention on western knowledge and culture. If this process remained continue for several years, it will be very difficult for Muslim families to survive and face the challenges and issues of Islam and Muslim especially living in western countries or even Muslim countries where one Muslim kills another Muslim due to sectarian conflict. The Muslims scholars and intellectuals should have to realize the internal threats to Islam in the shape of sectarian conflicts and take some measure and initiates to unite the Muslims before it is too late. The survival, growth and development of Muslims is not possible without making Muslims united.

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