Gender Disparity at Work Place in Pakistan: Reality or Misconception in Operationalization

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Prof Dr Hamadullah Kakepoto
Dr. Ahmed Ali Brohi


Gender Disparity is vehemently observed in every sphere of life all over the world. However, the rate and intensity varies from one region to the other. It has been observed that gender disparity is quite vivid in developing countries of the world. The reason is that economic pursuits and chances are not equal in those countries. Therefore, the economic burden is usually on the shoulders of men folk. The women are usually assigned women chores taking care of household assignments. Therefore, they are of lesser importance because their nature of job is considered unproductive and less measured. Pakistan is one of the developing countries of the world, hence as in almost all developing countries of the world, in Pakistan also women are generally relegated and neglected segment of society. As a result, gender disparity and gender discrimination is a common phenomenon. The present paper attempts to evaluate the status of women and causes of women disparity. The main focus of the paper is on Pakistan but the discussion has been made as per situation in developing countries of the world.

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