Journalism and Journalists as a Research Field: A Review of Literature

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Dr. Bashir Memon


The profession of journalism along with its audiences also depends on its professionals (journalists) to continue its existence. Particularly, the strengths and weaknesses, qualities and characteristics of journalism of any country and culture have dependency on the conditions and status of news workers of that country and culture. This contribution proposes significance of studying journalists on whom the profession somehow depends. Moreover, it highlights how the studies of journalism, the profession called the first draft of history, have been getting the status of an international tradition and being accepted among scholars. To signify to journalism and journalists as a field of research a few number of journalism and journalistic studies, conducted in the various parts of world, have been enumerated. Further various opinions of some authors have been cited to sensitize that journalists, in addition to their professional role, are also members of some society like other common people. Hence, they have also some religion, culture and political ideology which make them prone to err and misconduct, therefore, not only the profession but also the professionals of journalism deserve to be studied to make them accountable.

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