Use of Personal Pronouns in the Written Expression: A Case Study of Undergraduate Students of Comsat Institute of Information Technology Islamabad Campus

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Muhammad Abdullah
Ghulam Ali Buriro
Wafa Mansoor Buriro


A number of studies in the field of language and gender have concluded that females have a tendency of using more personal pronouns in their language. It reflects their more involvement with the readers than males. This paper examines the differences between male and female written expressions in terms of the use of personal pronouns. The study applied the method of corpus linguistics in order to examine the written expressions of males and females in this regard. Personal pronouns I, me, my, we, our, us, you, your, he and she were studied in particular. The study revealed that males and females differed in the use of some personal pronouns but as a whole there was no significant difference in the use of personal pronouns in their written expressions.

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