Grassroots Biannual Research Journal engages the researchers in debate on socio-economic and political issues of Pakistan. It places special emphasis on its reliability of knowledge and above all its reputation for upholding principles of academic freedom and scholarly quality, which have become ever more valuable to our scholars. The collection of twenty one articles in this volume is valuable contribution to the creation of new knowledge and world class research.

Published: 2020-06-12

Capital Movements and Sterilization Policies in Pakistan

Ali Gul Khushk, Dr.Muhammad Akram Gilal, Dr.Abida Taherani

Benazir Bhutto: Transformational Leader of Pakistan

Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar, Dr. Farzana Baloch, Paras Mahesar

Peasant Movement in Sindh: A Case Study of the Struggle of Shah Inayatullah

Nosheen Khaskhelly, Mashooq Ali Khowaja, Asghar Raza Burfat

Influence of Climate Change on Pakistan’s National Security

Dr. Waseem Ishaque, Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar, Dr. Imdad Hussain Sahito

Harappan Settlements in Sindh

Shamshad Akhtar, Muhammad Rafique Dhanani

The Hur Movement: A Foundation for Independent Muslim State

Dr. Zain-ul Abdin Sodhar, Dr. Abdul Ghani Shaikh, Khair-u-Nisa Sodhar

British Annexation of Sindh: The Opium Economy Factor

Muhammad Qasim Sodhar, Ghulam Rashid Memon, Dr. Ghulam Akbar Mahesar