Vol. 2017: Grassroots Special Issue
Grassroots Special Issue

Dedicated To 
Professor Dr. Hamida Khuhro 
(13.08.1936 – 12.02.2017)
Founder Director of Pakistan Study Centre
Pioneer Editor of Grassroots


Dr. Saima Kamran Pathan, Dr. Hakim Ali Mahesar, Dr. Sobia Shah
The Impact of Student Consumerism Metaphor on Higher Education Students: A Critical Review of Literature
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Gulawar Khan, Saeeda Mengal
Principles and Practices of Federalism in Pakistan: A Critical Appraisal of the Emergence of Baloch Nationalism and Conflict in Balochistan
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Maria Aijaz
An Empirical Perspective on the Factors Affecting the Choice of Debt Capital: A Case Study of Domestic Corporations Operating in Pakistan
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Tariq Umrani, Abdul Hameed Panhwar, Faiz Muhammad Brohi
Teaching English and Developing Intercultural Communication through Drama
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Aisha Bashir Shah
An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants to the Employee Job Satisfaction in Private Corporate Sectors of Pakistan
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Jahanzeb Khan, Bashir Ahmed Jatoi, Dr. Jalal Faiz
Freedom Movement and Birth of Political Parties in Balochistan, Pakistan
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Samiuddin Shaikh
An Empirical Analysis of Problems Faced by Foreign Students and Their Impacts on Foreigner’s Admission: A Case Study of Jamshoro Education City
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Dr. Muhammad Shafi Messo, Safia Khatoon Messa
Study of Teacher Preparation System in Pakistan and Japan, Finding Similarities/Dissimilarities and Suggest Improvement in the System
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Mohamad Abdul Rahman Saeed Ghannam, Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed
Japanese Personnel Management Style: A Link between Training and Performance
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Dr. Albeena Mirza, Dr. Najma Shaikh, Dr. Erum Khushnood Zahid Shaikh
Comparison between Economic Welfare and the Islamic Welfare Norms
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Ghazala Umer Baghal, Dr. Shuhabuddin Mughal, Zareen Khan Rind
Analysis of the Missing Linkages of Government Policies to Address Women’s Unpaid Work in Pakistan
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Mohammed Nassim Mustafa Alasttal, Muhammad Bux Burdey
An Exploratory Analysis of Pakistan Tourism Market: Its Present Scenario, Issues, Challenges and Future Prospects
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Dr. Munir Moosa Sadruddin, Dr. Mumtaz Khawaja, Samina Zafar
Attitude of Prospective Teachers towards Science exploring Teachers Preparedness in the Subject Area of Science Education at Teacher Education Level in Sindh, Pakistan
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Salah Shaikh, Dr. Zahid A. Memon, Dr. Asif Ali Shah
Adoption and Impact of Quality Assurance Processes in Higher Education Institutions of Jamshoro Education City
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Dr. Sanaullah Ansari, Nisar Ahmed Jatoi, Arfana Shah
Investigating Phonological (Sound) Awareness of High School Learners in English Reading
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Imtiaz Ahmed Pirzada, Dr. Perveen Shah, Naveed Ahmed Shaikh
Impact of Floods 2010 on Household Welfare in Northern Sindh Districts: Estimation of Household Consumption of Selected Food Items
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Abdul Rasheed Kalwar, Dr. Abu Zar Wajdi
Motivation, a Key Ingredient of Human Resource Management: Study of Sui Southern Gas Company Limited of Pakistan Employees of Karachi
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