Systematic Study of Hard Ticks (Ixodoidea:Parasitiformes) From Lower Sindh, Pakistan

Keywords: Hard Ticks, Ixodoidea, Parasitiformes, Lower Sindh


Pakistan is an agricultural country. About 70% population of Pakistan living in rural areas of the country depend directly or indirectly on livestock animals. The livestock sector suffering from many problems in which diseases are an important factor in the reduction of meat and milk production and in severe cases animals can die. Ticks are notorious, obligate blood-feeding ectoparasites that fulfill their nutritional value by sucking the blood of host animals. Hard ticks belong to the family Ixodidae while soft ticks belong to the family Argasidae. Hard ticks are cosmopolitan, their infestation founded worldwide on livestock. The purpose of our present study in four localities of lower Sindh is to find furthermore diversity of hard ticks infesting livestock, how much ticks are injurious to men and animals. Furthermore, the study will help to aware the local masses of the study areas and recommended the government about infestation and tick-borne diseases.